Yong Pal Written Update Eps 16 Part 2

By | September 29, 2015

Yong Pal

In the car
Sek Min just told that getting a call from the hospital. Yeo Jin already know for sure Do Joon escape, Sek Min Yeo Jin was shocked to know the news that has not been delivered, Yeo Tae Hyun Jin also know for sure who took it. Sek Min confused where Yeo Jin could know.
“Now … Daejung certainly pursue it.” Said Yeo Jin cold
“Is not that for the best? Dr. Kim makes it look very good … “comments Sek Min with a smiling face mask her nervousness, Yeo Jin immediately sent Sek Min kept his mouth shut.
“Do you think I do not know … if you were to report to the Chief of Staff in Daejung? I was just protecting Hanshin and betrayed my husband. “Admit Yeo Jin, Sek Min immediately showing the face of strained because all pengkhinatanya Yeo Jin had known before.

Two black cars with people who use muzzles accelerated. While Do Joon in the car yelled to stop the car immediately. Tae Hyun is not less shouting also that Do Joon remain calm.
“For menyelematkanmu, one person only, but you know how many people are risking themselves?” Said Tae Hyun, Do not believe Tae Hyun Joon dare call his name.
“This brazen bastard … I have Han Do Joon!” Said Do Joon was still very powerful while gripping
“People from Daejung’re looking for you right now.” Said Tae Hyun glares while releasing the grip of brother-in-law.
Do Joon thought it was very good, because it will make a deal with Daejung and has a lot of information about the desired Hanshin with a sly laugh.

Yeo Jin crying in the car, tears flowed and chose to use his sunglasses. Chae Young on the runway can not wait Do Joon came to go along out of the country.
From a distance the ambulance had entered the runway, he asked the pilot to get ready to start the engine. Sementar in the car, Tae Hyun swore that Daejung already know that he is killing Sung Hoon. Do Joon hit Tae Hyun, feel nobody knows, and because it has cleared all the evidence and witnesses.
Tae Hyun Joon Do can fend hands when going to hit and membaringkanya, Do Hyun Tae Joon even slammed into the wall of the car and hit him back. Tae Hyun looks weak start, Do Joon Hyun tae finally hit the head with an oxygen tank, Sang Chul immediately stop the car and Do Joon had already hit the head Sang Chul with oxygen.

Chae Young saw her husband who got out of the car, didepanya seen two cars enter the runway, Do Joon with smiling faces waving because Daejung will menyelamatkanya. But his body hit the car and tumbled, Chae Young clearly see her husband was hit intentionally by car.
One man down and make a video call with Chairman Choi, then a sharp knife was ditusukan. Chae Young ran see fresh blood flowing, then hugged and Do Joon was menghempuskan last breath, just crying hysterically. Tae Hyun dawns down the ambulance viewed Do Joon who died before being taken away.

Yeo Jin eat alone room dining, Tae Hyun came wanted to enter but the guards prevented asked to calm down before entering, Tae Hyun with a face full of anger ordered pengawail it aside, Yeo Jin face dinginya feel too noisy and asked the waiter to let Tae Hyun entered into.
Tae Hyun Jin Yeo assured not do all of this and want it to say all her his wife. Yeo Jin admits he who mememrintahkan them. Yeo Jin Tae Hyun asked not lie to her, Yeo Jin insisted he never lied.
“I know you are planning to save Han Do Joon. I also know that the Chief of Staff would tell Daejung. It is true. I ordered them, “said Yeo Jin
“So … you use me?” Said Tae Hyun, closing his eyes in disbelief
“Instead of using you … I need to create an illusion. The illusion of someone handing Han Do Joon to Daejung, but I can not do it alone. You’re so perfect to do it, a man naive and idealistic, No one will doubt your good intentions. So Daejung not even know that I was handed Han Do Joon on them. That’s me, “said Yeo Jin.

He walked out of his seat and stop right there beside Tae Hyun, asked if he felt sorry menyelamatkanya from the 12th floor Tae Hyun replied with his eyes closed, to keep his temper acknowledge very sorry.
“I’m sure you’re sorry, because your mother died … due to me.” Said Yeo Jin resist tears and left the room. Tae Hyun tears flowed like a very, very sorry.

Yeo Jin sits in his sleep remember when Tae Hyun put lavender flowers and listen to the song Angel – weslife, his mind drifted to imagine them walking in a park and meet at a lake with a happy smile when meet each other.

Tae Hyun sat quietly, remembering the first time to save Yeo Jin who want to cut his neck veins. Then try desperately to wake Yeo Jin who had no heartbeat unconscious.
Yeo Jin Tae Hyun remember the first time to take him out to go to the church where her wedding was supposed to be a place with Sung Hoon, and the first time they kissed. Playing in the river water, which first felt running in the water.
Tae Hyun also mengendongnya up the hill, hugging him from behind while whispering “this place Windy Valley. If people fall in love kissing each other here … “and kissed Yeo Jin Tae Hyun. When there dirooftop, Yeo Jin Tae Hyun marry her request that in order to become the heir and legal guardian, without much thought Tae Hyun says he is ready.
Yeo Jin asks Tae Hyun did not answer carelessly and think more carefully. Tae Hyun immediately kissed it, saying that it is the answer. Yeo Jin sat quietly in his room, as well as Tae Hyun who remember all the wonderful memories but it was only used by his own wife.

Tae Hyun Yeo Jin runs the park see also viewing the garden with flowers guards who guard it. He walked up to Yeo Jin gives senyumanya, Yeo Jin looks nervously asks if Tae Hyun still angry. Tae Hyun justify, but do not know if this is an outrage. Yeo Jin thought such a sense of disappointment.
“On the contrary … What it be grief?” Said Tae Hyun
“Forgive me. I’ll help you do not feel like it anymore. ‘Promise Yeo Jin
“No, not me, but you look sad.” Said Tae Hyun

“Well … do not go. If you go, I’ll be stuck in the dark again. So … do not go. I know you blame me. But … “said Yeo Jin is cut by Tae Hyun
“No, I do not blame you. The reason my mother died, it was not because of you. And I do not blame myself anymore, that she died because of inability. It is a tragedy that was created by the 12th floor, by everyone’s desire for power. Now … I’m going back to my place. “Said Tae Hyun looked at Yeo Jin.
Yeo Jin Tae Hyun think his place as now you can do anything. As can tear down the 12th floor, or restructure Hospital Hanshin. Tae Hyun smiled and apologized, according to the present residence located on the floor 13, when the tear down the 12th floor, the place now will fall apart, so he just wanted to get off of the place now.

“You can feel comfortable and enjoy the view of sin but there are people, water resources, and the trail there and Windy Valley as well. Everything we need to be happy already. So … are you coming with me? “Said Tae Hyun, Yeo Jin stared at her husband.
“Of course … it would be difficult, right? To leave the position of Chairman, and fled with me … I’m crazy, “said Tae Hyun aware of the request.
“You’re not crazy. The flow of water, children, footpaths and windy valley. Of course I can not give my position to them. However, Tae Hyun … I’m sorry, I’m back where I was. Back to the swamp … where crocodiles live. Picnic is over, “said Yeo Jin tears.

Tae Hyun understand because maybe later Yeo Jin will miss the picnic, and when the time comes to stop by whenever you want, because it will be waiting for him. Yeo Tae Hyun Jin asked when going away, Tae Hyun told after a shower will go.
Yeo Jin Tae Hyun invited for breakfast. Tae Hyun mengatakanna unusual for breakfast. Yeo Jin understands, Yeo Jin Tae Hyun embraced with tears flowing, advised to be more cautious, then quickly left the park. Yeo Jin could not hold back tears after Tae Hyun away.

Yeo Jin walked grimly watching from afar greenhouse, then walked back see all the lavender growing and looks very beautiful, Head Waiter entry tells that Tae Hyun who deliberately made it just for her garden. Yeo Jin knew then Butler came out. Finally Yeo Jin dibangku sit and cry because Tae Hyun is so good but were met with coldness.

Tae Hyun tidy up his suit and enter into a suitcase, suddenly he paused his eyes reddened, and he left the house without carrying apapu except the clothes on his body. Before he left, his eyes staring at the house who ever lived, then walked away leaving home.
Sang Chul went to Yeo Jin who wanted to see him, Yeo Jin stared at the window of his desk, ordered the Tae Hyun Chul to maintain. Sang Chul bowed understand and out of the room.

Tae Hyun walk alone, and Sang Chul comes to driving a car and called him “Hyung” invites to enter. Tae Hyun rejected because it would look for a taxi in front. Sang Chul Tae Hyun told in, that she was fired due to Tae Hyun. Finally Tae Hyun Sang Chul up the car together.
Sang Tae Hyun Chul asked whether owning a home, Tae Hyun smiled when he thought he had indeed why. Sang Chul said that he who has no place to live, then heard laughter when traveling left the house Yeo Jin.

A coffin covered with a red cloth push the officer, the screen looks the name Ha Do Joon from 9-11 hours. Yeo Jin standing in front of the glass by holding photos Do Joon see the corpse Do Joon will be cremated. Crates began inserted into the incinerator, Chae Young back tears flowed. Crates began burnt and the door was closed, Chae Young continued to cry but after that vengeful eyes visible.

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