Yong Pal Written Update Eps 16 Part 1

By | September 27, 2015

Yong Pal

Tae Hyun wants to go into the car that will ride Yeo Jin, Sek Min told Chairman Han Yeo Jin will go to the office now. Tae Hyun glanced at his wife, Yeo Jin asks Tae Hyun home because he was still no jobs.
“Work? What? “Said Tae Hyun confused
“War,” said Yeo Jin vengeful and into the car, Tae Hyun Yeo Jin was let go without him.

In the car.
Yeo Sek Min Jin asked to call the vice president and president of the company’s key related to his office, Sek Min told everything is heading to the office now.
“Tell the Strategy, the Secretary, and the Emergency Planning to come into the war room with the analysis on Daejung.” Command Yeo Jin, Sek Min notify all been alerted.
“Do not involve administrasi.Pilih leader of a team of elite members in the field.” Said Yeo Jin, Sek Min understood despite of his eyes there was something to hide.

Tae Hyun returned home with Sang Chul, the bodyguard and still choose to sit in front. He berbertanya whether Daejung also strong, Sang Chul justify,
“What they are more powerful than Hanshin?” Said Tae Hyun curious
“That’s not possible … as long as I’m here.” Said Sang Chul, Tae Hyun confused.
“Those people … I could kill them with one hand, because I am a martial artist.” Said Sang Chul wrong perception
Tae Hyun said yes, Sang Chul and tell his age was only a year younger than Tae Hyun while apologizing. Tae Hyun threaten the guards want to die, Sang Chul just said it would take care of everything.

Vice president and four others gathered diruangan Chairman, Chairman Cha Yeo Jin still do not believe it will be war. Chairman Yeo Jin Han thought it was not known about the status of the company now and not sure Yeo Jin could do it.
“A CEO young woman who has just started in this field, and against Chairman Choi were already very experienced, do you think it was not excessive?” Comments vice president, Han Presdi agree they must stop it.
“In addition, we can understand and Handing Chairman Chairman Choi Han Do Joon …” said Chairman Cha ago stalled because of Yeo Jin came into the room.
“It will be difficult for a young girl who did not even know the status of the company to win the war against the rat bastard of Daejung. What is it that you talk about? “Said Yeo Jin sits elegantly as she opened her earrings.
All immediately bowed, Yeo Jin then asked all the officials to give up, and give Han Do Joon, his hand busy opening high heels sandals mengambl asked his secretary. Vice president wanted to express opinions, Yeo Jin sent directly vice president Go back and told his secretary to bring him a change of clothes.
. “If there are still opposed to this war, stand up now.” Said Yeo Jin

“Chairman, what do you mean against this war? I want to say is … that we’re all going to support you, Chairman. “Explains vice president, all immediately agreed despite the depressed faces.
“Oh, I see? I think it is too hasty. “Said Yeo Jin with a smile coldness.
“If we lose the foundation here then it’s all over. It will not be difficult to hand over the bodies of Han Do Joon. But if I do that then the rumors about how we grant the request Daejung will spread. We will be completely ignored by the economics, politics, media, and financial circles. That is how the conglomerate rank will change. “Said Yeo Jin by folding his hand chest, all just restless with nervous faces.
“If the group under we are excited to take our position and attack us in every area, then we will be destroyed in an instant. After ranking changes, all will be over. “Said Yeo Jin sitting upright, All petingi say understand
Yeo Jin re-sensitize yourself while folding his hand chest told they had three days, he thought it was a short time but a good start.

Yeo Jin came into the room that controls the company, saw everything looks neat clothes with a tie and sent melepaskanya, after it saw overtime to employees who work boots, sandals and change their order and they can all melepaska socks.
“You can put your feet on the table. Any message that you want to, You can also talk dirty, but do not talk dirty to me. I am the Chairman, “said Yeo Jin smiling
“You can do whatever you pleased. Need not be too formal and rigid, but if you can not find a weakness Daejung then you will all get a job in a place with clean air. Do you understand? “Said Yeo Jin while in contrast the dish like a leader, employees understood.
On the front looks timer for 3 days, one of the employees presented the chart tells them should target Daejung Motors, the core company of Daejung Group with profits plummeted. Yeo Jin heard like never entered into his ears. Yeo Jin then listened to an explanation about Daejung The key is speed and the state of Chairman Choi, her face began to get nervous.

Tae Hyun runs the park which has been damaged by Joon Do not like the lavender garden, suddenly smiling face alone. Then back home see this time breakfast is really simple, visible only two small pieces of bread and meat of small size.
“Are we running out of rice? Why is your face sad? “Said Tae Hyun wonder
“When there will be war, then it should reflect in peace.” Explained the head waiter with a sad face.
“Oh, so, why Pondering? What is ill? “Asked Tae Hyun plain
Butler wanted to explain but tae Hyun said only joking and already know the condition, according to him they all must berjuangan, should not just sit and watch and ordered all employees to the room with the glass after a meal. All berpadangan each other with confused face.

Sang Chul brought trolly full of plants, Tae Hyun gives two potted plants in Butler for planting flowers. Butler tells currently preparing for battle and want to interrupt because it did not make sense.
Tae Hyun think that’s why they have to plant flowers and distribute each of the two pots to plant and get rid of all tanama wild there. Head waiter looks confused by Tae Hyun.

Only stay one day only, visible atmosphere looks really relaxed with employees without socks and raise up a chair while eating ramen. Yeo Jin looks confused yet to find weaknesses of Daejung, then looked around the room.
His eyes stopped on a man who looks busy while she was asleep beside him. Yeo Jin asks if the employee has an idea. The man said not much, and the tone was a little nervous to admit expressed can not be helped. Yeo Jin told him to say anything alone.
“I analyze email traffic based on IP addresses in Daejung …” The man said, other employees shout that the act of hacking!
“Do not we’re at war?” Said Yeo Jin, he was praised and Yeo Jin asked that melanjutkanya.
“In simple terms, they use the code in an email. Unless they change the name on purpose, when the arrangement of certain letters appear repeatedly. “Said the bespectacled man.
“You mean, they communicate about something important in secret? What they use as a code? “Asked Yeo Jin curious
“The word” lavender “. I’m not sure why they use that word … “said the man.
“This is definitely a business that came from stolen secrets ang Sung Hoon.” Murmured Yeo Jin
He asks where the location of the occurrence of the word “lavender” at most, men sunglasses tell it from Morgan in New York. Yeo Jin smiled asked to find a company associated with Bio Daejung than those led by Morgan, man was discovered a biotechnology company called Alexon.
Yeo Jin increasingly smiled because he’d find him and commented he was a genius. But he feels everything in that room, including men of genius. All laughed, Yeo Jin standing orders untu find out everything about Daejung Bio and Bio Alexon now.

In the car, Tae Hyun dreamy remember his words that will kill Do Joon and she had. Sang Chul see his boss looked nervous, Tae Hyun said that guards had to help him. Sang Chul immediately rejected. Tae Hyun Sang Chul still calling for help. Sang Chul insisted he still can not help.
“Hanshin will be in big trouble. Do we have to help Han Joon escape. Do not worry. This is for Chairman, “said Tae Hyun
“How can it help the Chairman?” Asked Sang Chul
“He can not turn over Han Do Joon to Daejung or kill him. So we will take the pressure off himself. Do not worry. I will be responsible. “Said Tae Hyun
Dr Lee being diruangannya receive messages from Tae Hyun “I need your help, Chief Lee.” Dr Lee’s face looks tense reads a message from Tae Hyun.

On D-Day, vice president and other pertingi into the room with a face melonggo. Vice president shouted angry to see all the employees look brash with Presdir with clothes and attitude.
“Let it be. They may have saved the company today. “Said Yeo Jin cold, all the top brass was confused.
Chairman, the market is already open. “Said the man glasses
“Now, should we begin? The target is Alexon Biotech, we have to buy it. Daejung has undermined the company little by little for a long time. The company has the desired patent Daejung Bio. Today, we will catch the company. All subsidiaries of Hanshin will invest their money in this deal. Send proof of funds for a total amount of reserves the company to Morgan in New York right now. “Said Yeo Jin
Sek Min standing beside a cynical glance, Chairman Cha panic because look at the total market value of the company is very large. Yeo Jin thought because they will oppose Daejung, so better open it up 10 times, but turned it probably 20 times in the day. After that sent Sek Min officials gather all mobile phone and do not allow all to leave the room.
All looks panicked, Yeo Jin also ask for no guard at the door, Sek Min told all was ready. Yeo Ji asserted not to worry because everything is going to end today, then start buying with a 10 percent increase so that the Daejung not be aware of it, by making an order.

Chairman Choi was relaxing in massage asking if news of the death has not come out as well, Sek said it had not heard it. Chairman Choi Yeo Jin thought wanted to fight, secretary thought Yeo Jin could not do it because it certainly was thinking.
“Of course, he thought. People who are intelligent too much thinking. He is very intelligent. If he becomes in-law, he must have a very large head. “Sneered the rat bastard, Sek was also laugh.
“By the way, what was already contacted the traitor?” Asked Chairman Choi. Sek tell just received a phone that will be good news soon.
“Goodness, what’s the point to be smart, when the traitor was right next to him?” Said Chairman Choi modestly. Sek phone vibrates, Chairman Choi shouted finish the massage.

Chairman Choi directly into the room shouting “Who targeting Alexon” one employee said it is not know, but the person collecting them through OTC trading. Chairman Choi sat dibangkuanya he thinks no one is interested in the company and wondered who would dare stir-aduknya.
Another employee also said it was to find out, the rat bastard ordered bawahanya to find out soon. Bespectacled clerks asking what they should do. Chairman Choi shouted they had to quickly buy their shares back.

In room Hanshin Group
Daejung glasses notify the employee is trying to find out who they are. Yeo Jin was sent to notify only. All officials panic, Yeo Jin thought later Daejung party would know so invite all to fight with the net.
Daejung parties also find him and tell him that it Hanshin. Chairman Choi frowned then laughed mockingly, his face turned tense, insists they will go down together. Sek its memperingatkanya. Chairman Choi thought that the young want to start a war so he could not have run.
“Take all the books of accounts and you know the company that wants to buy the subsidiary us? Call them all. “Command Chairman Choi, Sek confused what to do it.
“Sell them at a low price !! ! Put all sahamku as bank guarantees and bring me the money! “Begged the rat bastard, Sek tell the bank is not open yet, Chairman Choi told to membangunakn Presdir Banking

In Hanshin, Employee glasses notify Daejung apparently already knows, because Subscription skyrocketed. Yeo Jin invited to raise the stakes to 30%. All Presdir increasingly frantic, Sek Min glance. Yeo Jin smiled because the war has not yet begun but the whales will soon appear.
Prohibited Area room, Dr. Lee fro staring Do Joon lying there, remembering the words Tae Hyun “Chief Lee, do not worry. This is to Yeo Jin. I will be responsible. “Finally Dr. Lee inject fluid into the infusion Do Joon.
Man in Daejung Group informed that it has been entered, the rat bastard smiled. In Hanshin, bespectacled clerk also informed that it has been entered. Yeo Jin smiled at the screen. Vice president confused who the “whales” that they are waiting for.

“They are an institution that has most of the stock Alexon,” explains Sek Min, Vice Presdi trust of OTC become an institution. Sek Min told Now the stakes are much higher.
Chairman Choi bahagai know about the institution so it can accelerate to raise the price. In the Hanshin, see the “whale” suda entry but Daejung not put up the price. Yeo Jin thought the Daejung want them to auction. Chairman Choi shocked to learn the Hanshin auction.
“This means that they will give it all to the bid with a higher price.” Explains employee Daejung, Chairman Choi directly increase two-fold. Employee looked surprised, Chairman Choi said the bargaining table while mengebrak doubled.

Do Joon’s body began to move but his eyes have not been opened, the drip flow in the body. Nurses who maintain a restricted area, see cell phone memberitahau Do Joon move and asked the nurse to call the Head Song Lee.
Nurses see Do Joon moving body hard, Dr. Lee has come to ask what happened with the face of panic. Kebinggungan nurses did not know Dr Lee told the nurse call Dr. Kim of neurosurgery. The nurse looked shocked at having to memangil Tae Hyun.
“What are you going to let him die? Pulse 180! We will all die at this rate! It seems I have no choice. Let’s hurry up and move it to the operating room. Prepare guards outside. “Command Dr Lee, a nurse out of the room. Dr. Lee showed his true face as according to plan.

The man glasses notify Daejung deals doubled, Yeo Jin smiled. In Daejung, see the chart that possibility Hanshin anakn surrender, Presdri Choi laughed happy to know. But a few moments later the graph changes, Hanshin take back the 10% increase. Chairman Choi did not accept the bid will be raised 20%, Sek her screaming that rat bastard did not do it.

Hospital tension also occur, some guards with Dr. Lee and nurses carry Doo Joon disebuah hall to the operating room. Seen a man with clothes through the operation and immediately incapacitate guards quickly.
Sang Chul by using masket help, Tae Hyun out of hiding viewed Do Joon are not sadarka themselves dimeja thrust. Nurses confused look at the events that are in front of his eyes. Tae Hyun and Dr Lee also bring Do Joon released from the hospital. Head guard saw from the CCTV room immediately issued cell phone.

The Men’s eyewear tell Daejung raise the auction price be 20%. Mobile Sek Min shaking, he lifted the phone to get out of the room. Yeo Jin glanced ago will raise the bet 10%, all screamed because it was not possible
Sek Min knows Tae Hyun Joon Do carrying out of the hospital ordered not to arrest him and let. Chief Guard was surprised but as subordinates to follow orders from superiors to let. In the CCTV screens, Tae Hyun Joon Do’ve brought with ambulance left the hospital.

Chairman Choi with a face full of anger for offers increase to 40%, employee melonggo hear. Sek Sek Min received a call from outside the room, which said it would make him busier again.
In Hanshin, employees told Chairman Choi deals rose to 40%, all looks in disbelief. Sek Min back into place with sinister, Yeo Jin thought the offer was too expensive, so will cancel the order now. Another president panic but employees also perform command Yeo Jin.
Sek back into the room whispering something in the rat bastard after receiving tel. Do not believe the president Choi Joon escape and interpret it all as a diversion. Hanshin notify employees have given up because there was no offer to cancel the order.

Chairman Choi laughed decided to cancel the order as well. Employee began a cancellation but her face looks tense. Chairman Choi asked what happened with the face has changed. Employees told the deal was closed with a bid price of the part of them. Chairman Choi shock and sat limp, did not believe the bodies of Do Joon was very expensive.
“Sung Hoon … I spent a lot of money for you.” Said Chairman Choi stared up like talking to her.
In Hanshin, Yeo Jin asks how much money is spent Daejung to buy the company. Employees with happy face tells about 2.5 trillion won. All visible disbelief, Yeo Jin hopes the lessons are so expensive then Chairman Choi definitely learn something, then told to sell all that they had when the price is still strong.

Sang Chul Hyun Tae drove the ambulance and sat behind, he calls Chae Young tells almost up so they could start the engine, Chae Young had stopped at the helipad thanked Tae Hyun, then he calls his father to prepare the ship because it will bring Do Joon to Yeuso.
In the ambulance, Do Joon Tae Hyun started to be aware and informed will membantukan escape from the 12th floor Joon Do not believe then asked to be taken anywhere now. Tae Hyun asked not to worry because his wife was already waiting at the helipad and will probably take him out of the country. Do Joon confused asked why he had to go abroad.

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