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Yong Pal Written Update Eps 16 Part 2

In the car Sek Min just told that getting a call from the hospital. Yeo Jin already know for sure Do Joon escape, Sek Min Yeo Jin was shocked to know the news that has not been delivered, Yeo Tae Hyun Jin also know for sure who took it. Sek Min confused where Yeo Jin… Read More »

Yong Pal Written Update Eps 16 Part 1

Tae Hyun wants to go into the car that will ride Yeo Jin, Sek Min told Chairman Han Yeo Jin will go to the office now. Tae Hyun glanced at his wife, Yeo Jin asks Tae Hyun home because he was still no jobs. “Work? What? “Said Tae Hyun confused “War,” said Yeo Jin vengeful… Read More »