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Download J-Drama Q10

Download Subtitle Indonesia Drama Japan Q10 – Q10 Dorama is unique because people can fall in love with the robot assembly didsesain iron is very similar to humans. This drama starring the handsome actor 25 years Takeru Satoh whose name is now very well known because of the great role in Rurouni Kenshin trilogy. He… Read More »

Download J-Dorama Time Spiral

Download J-Dorama Time Spiral Subtitle Indonesia – A Japanese drama that brings the romance of mystery starring actress who also has blood exotis South America, Panama is Meisa Kuroki. Meisa will be opposite to Kamui Gakuto or call Gackt. Time Spiral science fiction mystery tells the story of love experienced by a man who menyediahkan… Read More »

Download J-Drama Switch Girl!!

Download J-Drama Switch Girl !! Season 1 Subtitle Indonesia – Japanese drama series is very unique and magical mengisahakan a girl named Nika Tamiya (Played Nishiuchi Mariya), he is a 17 year old girl who was very pretty and friendly, very popular in school. Has the perfect hair style, good taste in dress, and make… Read More »