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By | Juni 14, 2016

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Download J-Drama Rich Man, Poor Woman Subtitle Indonesia – A lot of reviewers world khsusnya enthusiasts of drama has always put this drama into the ranks of the Japanese drama best in their list, and indeed having viewed the drama is very good, not only the romantic side that is sold but also pembalajaran side especially motivates us to be creative and work hard. Treat the charismatic acting shun oguri and the coquettish and pretty Ishihara Satomi truly enchanting.

The drama tells the story: Toru Hyuga (Played by Shun Oguri) is a man who is intelligent and creative, since childhood he was abandoned by her mother, she always tried to live a happy and able to go back to find his mother. After graduating from college she tried to ask the processed software to companies, but no one was interested, but there is an employee named Kosuke Asahina (played Arata Iura) which berkayakinan that the project made in Hyuga very brilliant, he was willing meningglkan his work and join hyuga. And finally they succeed and make their company (Next Innovation) as the foundation of IT in Japan and even the CEO, Toru Hyuga face included in the prestigious newspaper, Forbes as one of the best young and wealthy businessmen in the world.

Drama becomes more romantic and complex when seoarang woman tries to apply for jobs at the company named Natsui Makoto (Played by Satomi Ishihara), but when he faked registration name to Sawaki Chihiro which is the name of the mother of Hyuga Toru. Through an incident, Hyuga surprised to hear that name and started memeperkerjakan Sawaki Chihiro as his assistant … What will happen, …

Title: Rich Man, Poor Woman
Type Drama: Romance, Comedy
Epsiode Duration: 60-62 minutes / Eps (11 Episodes)
Release Schedule: 9 July to 17 September 2012
Showtimes: Every Monday At 9 hours
Channel: Fuji TV
Director: Masaki Nishiura
Author: Naoko Adachi
Drama Previous: City of the Sun
Drama Next:

The main character:
Ishihara Satomi Being Sawaki Chihiro or Natsui Makoto
Oguri Shun Being Hyuga Toru
Iura Arata Become Asahina Kosuke
Aibu Saki Being Yoko Asahina

Supporting Actor:
Nozomi Yagi Being Miyamae Tomoka
Yosuke Asari Being Yasuoka Michiya
Being Yasuhi Nakamura Satoshi Ogawa
Furukawa Yuki Being Kuga Tomoki
Ueki Kiyohiko Being Hosoki Riichi
Masumi Nomura Being Ono Haruka

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