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Download Subtitle Indonesia Drama Japan Q10 – Q10 Dorama is unique because people can fall in love with the robot assembly didsesain iron is very similar to humans. This drama starring the handsome actor 25 years Takeru Satoh whose name is now very well known because of the great role in Rurouni Kenshin trilogy. He will be paired with the sweet former member Atsuko Maeda AKB 48.

This drama menceritkan: Heita Fukai (Tdiperankan Akeru Satoh) is an ordinary guy in school, he had never given any thought about his life much less tied to peyakit heart. But one day he is currently about to enter school, he saw a figure Manusa against the wall labotorium school, he was curious and after checking it how shocked he saw young women as men but do not breathe, and after a review it, eventually he accidentally activates a button that turns it is not humans but robots.

Robot and even then only by the Heita, and Heita gave his name Q10 or kyu-to. To avoid strange rumor teachers who know about these things tell Q10 to school and classmates with Heita. Lots of noise and the problems posed by Q10 and while it Heita instead began to fall in love with a robot ….

Title: Q10
Type Drama: Romantic, School, Fantasy,
Epsiode Length: 50+ min / Eps (Episode 9)
Release Schedule: October 6 to December 11, 2010
Showtimes: Every Saturday At 9 hours
Channel: NTV
Director: Shunsuke Kariyama
Author: Izumi Kizara
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The main character:
Sato Takeru Being Fukai Heita
Atsuko Maeda Being Q10
Hosoda Yoshihiko Being Nakao June
Kento Kaku Being Kageyama Hisashi
Tokio Emoto Being Makoto Fujioka
Fukuda Mayuko Fujino Being Tsukiko
Being Renbutsu Misako Yamamoto Tamiko

Supporting Actor:
Yakushimaru Hiroko Being Kuriko Yanagi
Ono Takehiko Fujimoto Being Michiro
Kayoko Shiraishi Being Ogawa Shige
Ikematsu Sosuke Being Kubo Takehiko
Tanaka Yuji Ogawa Being Hou

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